Hair Serum Intensive

Hair Serum Intensive

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Dealing with frizzy, breakage, splint ends, and unmanageable hair?


You’re not alone.


Damaged hair can make a great hair day feel total unattainable.


But what can you do to avoid it? Is managing it even possible…?


Yes, it is…


No, you don’t need to detox.


Just apply a small amount of our hair oil serum and massage it through your hair.


Instantly, get hair looking and feeling soft, shiny, and – most importantly strong without detoxing.



Apply a small amount on to hair and massage together, work through hair. Leave it on hair and moisturizing, makes your hair shine and charming gloss. Instantly heals split ends, creating soft frizz-free perfection while protecting your hair from harmful styling heat and UV damage as it gives a smooth, glossy, shine.

Not tested on animals.


Beauty pure and simple.


Features Natural plant contents.


1. Natural plant extract, moisture and active factors.

2. Easy to create hair styling as your desired

3. Strong effect all day long

4. Non-sticky, keep hair bright & refreshing.



Water(aqua), acrylic copolymer, glycerin, argan, water soluble silicone oil, fragrance.


WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse immediately.Elynuova Hair Repair Serum





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