Hello Summer!

The MASK SUPREME use amino acids and proteins as main moisturizing factors to strengthen the hair quality. Supply sufficient nutrition and elasticity, replenish cuticles proteins damaged.

This mask has the perfect ingredients to keep your hair hydrated, soft and protected from UV rays. It can be used at any time or season of the year, but the best season to take advantage of its properties is summer.

Among the ingredients are macadamia extract, argan oil, aloe Vera, fruit extract (mango), coconut oil, Hydrolyzed Quinoa, and more.

Macadamia Extract: Here are 5 benefits of Macadamia Nut oil for hair:

1. Macadamia oil can strengthen hair

Macadamia oil penetrates hair more proficiently as compared to some other oils, like mineral oil. Mineral oil can build up on your scalp and after a while, it can make your hair feel heavier and look duller. However, fruits and vegetable oils such as coconut oil is said to penetrate the hair follicles more effectively. Macadamia oil too is known to have this same property.

When macadamia oil mixes with the hair shaft and infuses it with fatty acids, your hair follicles become stronger and healthier. Macadamia oil also has antioxidant properties which help hair to recover from environmental exposure to dirt and pollutants in the air.

2. Macadamia oil can smoothen the hair

Macadamia oil has moisturizing qualities that can help smoothen the hair, giving it a shinier look. If you use macadamia oil on your hair daily, it will become glossier and shinier over time.

3. Hair moisturizer

Macadamia oil has such moisturizing properties that make your hair healthy, soft, voluminous and thicker. If you are struggling with heat-damaged or dry hair, using just a few drops of macadamia oil on the ends of your hair can work wonders to your hair and will soften and moisturize them instantly!

4. Reducing Frizz

If you have curly hair, you’re probably on the constant search for products that can reduce frizz. Macadamia oil is great for soothing the hair of frizz, dullness and tangles. This non-greasy, lightweight, nutty oil adds shine and liveliness to your strands while covering your ends and keeping your scalp moisturized. Macadamia oil is overall beauty oil for scalp, skin, and hair and from hot oil treatments to scalp massages, this oil has been a staple for years because of its potent composition and lightweight nature.

5. Treating dry scalp

Macadamia oil contains palmitic acid which is known to nourish hair follicles by promoting healthy production of sebum. Macadamia is an excellent softener and useful if you have curly or coarse hair because of its ability to penetrate.

Aloe Extract:


Hydrating hair oil mist, smooths, detangles and helps fight frizz

Sustainable sourced aloe

Formula is infused with hand-picked sustainably sourced aloe

Great for

Repair, light moisture, light hydration, detangle, detangling, frizz control.

Real botanicals

Endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – a world leading expert celebrating 260 years of plant science.

  • Hair Growth

  • Hair Fall Control

  • Forms a protective layer over hair and keeps it safe from harmful environmental elements and also keeps it consistently hydrated.

  • Condition and nourishes hair

  • Dandruff remedy

Coconut Oil for Hair:

If you want to help keep your hair looking hydrated, look for shampoos and conditioners formulated with coconut oil extracts. Stashing a shampoo and conditioner in your shower with the relaxing scent of coconut can help to transport you straight to the tropics. (No flight needed!) But that’s just a bonus, since coconut oil’s moisturizing properties can also help provide hydration to your hair.

One of the benefits of hair products formulated with coconut oil is their ability to help manage noticeable frizzy hair and flyaway. Visible frizz is a telltale sign of dry-looking hair. Frizzy hair can occur when the outer-cuticle layer of the hair shaft is raised, allowing moisture to seep out. If hair is well moisturized you can help address this visible hair issue and help minimize the appearance of your hair frizz. Look for leave-in hair treatments formulated with coconut oil, to help manage frizzy-looking hair. Plus, the moisturizing properties of these products means that hair can look moisturized—that is, shiny and soft. Whether you’re addressing the appearance of dull or damaged hair, products formulated with coconut oil can help.

If you want to go the extra mile, you should incorporate products formulated with coconut oil into every step of your hair routine. A hair treatment product formulated with coconut oil can also go a long way into providing moisture to your hair. If your hair looks dry, damaged, or even prone to noticeable frizz, try a product formulated with an oil blend that contains coconut oil, avocado oil, argan oil, or jojoba oil. Since hair masks usually spend more time on your hair than your rinse-out products, they can help give your hair some moisture, as well. The same goes for a leave-in conditioner formulated with coconut oil like our Supreme Mask, which has the potential to help condition hair with moisture, reveal shiny hair and decrease the appearance of frizz due to dryness.

Hydrolyzed Quinoa:

What does Hydrolyzed Mean?

To hydrolyze something is to break it down. It is treated with water. The water breaks into two parts (hydroxide and hydrogen). Those parts are charged differently (one negatively and the other positively). This basically aids digestion but has astounding results for hair treatment too.

When hydrolysis occurs, the fully built proteins break down into their individual amino acid parts.

What's left is a unique profile of individual amino acids ready to get to work. This team of building blocks penetrates the hair more deeply than other plant proteins.

That is key to why it is so effective.

Repairing and Bolstering Hair:

Keep in mind that these amino acids not only penetrate the hair but also leave a film. That film is a protective barrier serving a few purposes.

Coating the hair with protein (since the hair is also made of protein) is a natural way to bolster its defenses. Although many protein treatments can dry out your hair, hydrolyzed quinoa helps with moisture retention (goodbye dandruff)! That defends against hair loss, helps the body repair damaged hair, restores hair health, and promotes new growth.

While rehydrating brittle hair and preparing it to grow into a shiny mane, quinoa also guards the hair against cracking and breaking from sun exposure and other weather conditions.

That means the film also serves as a treatment to protect against future damage.

But this barrier isn't only an external resource. It also works on repairing hair internally, reversing shaft damage. What that means practically is that your hair is both protected now and becomes more resistant to breaking down over time.