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Are Elynuova Hair Vitamins good for my Hair?

Hair from the heart!

Yes, we care about you and the health of your hair, and that's the reason we created the Elynuova Hair Vitamins. Read below for full details.

In a one capsule you get a perfect vitamin complex, here our ingredients:

Vitamins A, B5, C, E, Macadamia, Camellia Oleifera, Argan, Shea Butter and Hydrolyzed Collagen.

Vitamin A:

All cells need vitamin A for growth. This includes hair, the fastest growing tissue in the human body. Vitamin A also helps skin glands make an oily substance called sebum. Sebum moisturizes the scalp and helps keep hair healthy.

The body needs Vitamin A, period! Your body’s cells require Vitamin A for growth. Since hair is actually the fastest growing tissue in the body, it needs a lot of help from vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to do so.

Sebum - Vitamin A helps skin glands to create a substance known as sebum. Sebum allows the skin and follicles to remain hydrated and moisturized. As we know, abundant and healthy follicles are necessary for producing hair strands. The more healthy follicles, the thicker and more Lucius your hair will be!

However, the oil produced at your follicles and glands is required for healthy hair growth. Without it, your hair will become dry, brittle, and over time breakage may occur causing hair to appear thin and lifeless. Keep that hydration coming!

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C has long been touted for its beauty benefits from anti-aging properties for younger-looking skin to growing longer, stronger hair and nails.

Are these just marketing claims that the cosmetics industry is using to make you think the products are natural, green, and healthy? Or are there true benefits to applying vitamin C externally to your hair and skin? Perhaps not surprisingly, the answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no.

What are the benefits of vitamin C for hair?

  • Mild cleanser

  • Shine enhancer,

  • Humectant,

  • Anti- brake,

  • Color retention,

  • Anti- wrinkle

  • Increase collagen.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E has been recently getting a lot of attention for its ability to treat and repair hair and skin. This fat-soluble vitamin e owes its fame to its high antioxidant capacity and is believed to improve hair health and growth.

The Benefits Of Vitamin E for Hair:

  • 1. Prevents Hair Loss And Helps Hair Growth

  • 2. May Prevent Premature Graying

  • Oxidative stress is one of the prime causes of premature graying.

  • Vitamin E and other non-enzymatic antioxidative molecules can neutralize free radicals and minimize premature graying

  • 3. May Help Repair Split Ends

Vitamin B5:

Vitamin B5, otherwise known as pantothenic acid, works in combination with other nutrients to rebuild the individual hair shafts, which are often damaged by blow-driers or heated hair tools, by shampooing too often or by sun exposure.

For hair, it helps prevent moisture loss and helps to smooth the cuticle of each strand. It does this while conditioning the scalp and preventing dryness. But even though it's able to deliver so much moisture, it's touted as a weightless volumizer that lifts hair and makes it look fuller and softer.

Shea Butter:

Why use shea butter in our hair?

Shea butter contains vitamin A and E with essential fatty acids which are believed to add moisture and shine to the hair. Its non-greasy quality makes it an excellent moisturizer for the hair. It softens dry brittle hair and repairs split damaged ends as well.

Camellia Olifeira:

The list of Camellia oil benefits for hair is long:

  • Soften hair and make it more manageable.

  • Restore hair's natural sheen.

  • Retain moisture.

  • Form a barrier against environmental pollutants.

  • Repair breakage and split ends.

  • Ease dry scalp and itchiness.

  • Prevent dandruff.

  • Treat damage from perms and coloring.

  • Strengthens the Hair

Is your hair falling or looking rather dull and lifeless? If that sounds familiar, then you need to consider adding Camellia Seed oil to your hair care routine—pronto.

There are a few key benefits of using Camellia Seed oil for your locks. As you’ve probably figured out already, it contains essential nutrients and fatty acids that enrich and nourish the hair follicles, leaving them heavenly smooth and shiny. That’s why many women choose to use it as a pre-shampoo leave-in conditioner, either by itself or in conjunction with other oils, such as coconut oil.

But the benefits of camellia seed oil extend far beyond that—when applied to the hair, it forms a protective shield against ultraviolet, preserving the protein structure of your hair while also reducing any UV-related damage and preventing water evaporation.

Hydrolyzed Collagen:

Here are 5 evidence-based ways that collagen may improve your hair.

  • Provides Amino Acids that can be used to build your hair. Hair is primarily made up of the protein keratin.

  • Helps Fight Damage to Hair Follicles.

  • May Prevent Hair Thinning Associated With Aging.

  • May Help Slow Graying.

  • Easy to Add to Your Routine.

Don't waist any more time and get your Hair Vitamins today HERE.

Your hair will thank you!

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